Carlee Carrier, TC 2 -CUSA: Carlee has attended Adirondack Dance Academy for 9 years. Carlee has passed her Cecchetti Teaching Certificate - 2 and is working on her Associate. Carlee passed her Grade 9 exam and attends Plattsburgh SUNY, majoring in Elementary Education & Special Education. Carlee has danced in 10 of Adirondack Dance Company's productions, most recently the Fairy & Bottom in Midsummer Night's Dream. She is a member of Adirondack Liturgical Dance Troupe , a member of the National Honor Society for Dance and is an inspiration to all of our dancers.

Naomi Fleming: Senior, Home Schooled. Naomi attends Adirondack Dance Academy and is a teacher for Primary & Standard 1. She recently passed Cecchetti Grade 8 and TC 1. Naomi is a member of the National Honor Society for Dance, a Member of the Adirondack Liturgical Dance Troupe, and has danced in 3 of the past productions of Adirondack Dance Company. Naomi helps all of our younger dancers achieve their true potential.

Rebekah Pritchard: Senior, Home Schooled. Rebekah recentely passed her Grade 9 Exam & TC 1 with Distinction. She is currently working on Grade 10. Rebekah has danced with Adk Dance for 10 years and has been in every production accept for the first two. She belongs to the National Honor Society for Dance and the Adk Liturgical Dance Troupe. Rebekah also attended CUSA Summer Residential school in Santa Barbara, CA last year plus attended a 5 week summer school in Ct.
for the past 3 years.

Sarah Grace McNally: Irish Instructor.
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